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Saturday, 11 February 2012

Valentine's Love

Inspired love touching one and all
People respond to the loving call
Glorious Saint, your message is clear
You propagate love for all to hear.

Tokens of love fill each shop and street
There’s talk of love where people meet
You’ve taught man well, that love is the cure
For without love there’s problems to endure.

So feel that love, in your heart and mind
Allow it to make you loving and kind
With tokens and words, spread that love around
Let our world, with happiness and joy abound.

Valentine remembered ensures that love grows
And so he rids the world of all its woes.

Friday, 10 February 2012

The waiting game.

When you are forced to wait, don't be traumatized. Play the waiting game. Here's how:
  • Imagine/ Visualize yourself having the things you yearn for. It could be driving your dream car, boarding a plane to the holiday of your choice and so on.It was Einstein that said  "Imagination is everything, it is a preview of life's forthcoming attractions."
  • Sing your favourite songs.
  • Look around. Notice all the beautiful things around you. The flowers ,the birds flying across the sky or anything the fills you with joy.
  • Remember the wonderful moments of your life.Relive them.
  • Think of the things that make you happy.
When you are happy, those happy thoughts go outwards and touch others -making other people happy.You have the capacity to contribute to a happy world. So play the waiting game.

Avoid problems. Think before you speak.

  • Silence is the golden path.
  • If you must speak, talk only that which is necessary.
  • Always talk the truth. Speaking untruth, creates many problems.
  • Speak pleasant words in a cordial manner.
  • It is better to be silent than to say something unpleasant to someone.
  • Never judge others and find faults. Remember when you point a finger at someone ,three other fingers point at you so rather judge yourself first.
  • Smile when you have nothing to say. A smile can strengthen relationships and solve problems.

Happy mothers make happy children

Are you pregnant? Remember :
  • A new life is growing inside you.
  • Your emotions will affect the unborn baby so try to be cheerful by doing the things you enjoy.
  • Keep away from unhappy people and situations.
  • Music and song can create a fun atmosphere.
  • Laugh a lot -Watch funny movies. Listen to jokes.Laughter can dissolve sickness.
  • Keep busy. Keep fit. Don't allow negative thoughts to cloud your mind.
After baby is born :
  • Spoil yourself .Look good and feel good.
  • Get help. Babies are a lot of work.
  • Enjoy the baby. Babies grow up very fast.
  • Let that love in your heart flow out.Surround your baby with love.
  • Be a part of all babies growing experiences.Do fun things together.
  • Most of all, make living a joyful experience.

To adapt or not

We live in a world of change.
  • Industry and Development change the landscape.
  • Earthquakes and natural disasters change the landscape.
  • New technologies are changing lifestyles.
  • Become aware of changes. Embrace them.
  • To resist change will bring unhappiness.
  • Human nature is dynamic and able to deal with change.
  • Accepting change will ensure your success.

Money is only a means

Use the money you have wisely to:
  -Enjoy a good, comfortable life.
  -Visit the p[laces you like to see.
  -Pay for the best health care.
  -Give to charity and make people happy.
Remember -The more you have ,the more you will have to give.
                 -Hoarding your money means that someone else will get to spend it when you die -which could happen any time.
                -Having a lot of money does not make you better than anyone.

Music for Life

Music is the food of the soul.
Listen to the songs that fill your heart with joy and love.
Make time to listen to your inspiring music because music can :
-Lift your spirits when you are sad.
-Get you dancing and exercising for good health.
-Inspire you to achieve great things.
-Relax and soothe you when you are tired.
-Fill your heart with unexplained joy.